Freedom Yet Again

The bird flew from the cage,
never to return.
Spreading its wings which was closed, it scanned the skies to taste its newfound freedom.
Living behind the bars had clipped its wings,
She forgot how to fly.
The winds did not beckon her to explore new horizons.
In captivity, she was a slave to her master’s whims,
A showpiece in the balcony, it forgot how to sing.
One day the master set her free, and she whirled in the sky,
And chirped loudly on the branches.
Singing a full-throated song for those who cared to hear,
She discovered life yet again, the flavour of freedom so precious.
Now she owned her present and was the queen of her own destiny.
For freedom changes everything, mostly- your perspective.



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Surela Chakraborty

Surela Chakraborty

Senior freelance feature journalist, avid traveller, movie buff, loves dancing and music and of course reading interesting stories.